Writing tips

Scientific and statistical writing is not something that people know how to do coming out of their undergraduate degree; indeed, I still struggle to make the writing in every paper I write meaningful and essential. That said, there are a few tips and thoughts I have about scientific and methods writing. These tips are based on publishing in statistics, machine learning, and genomics fields, but I hope other fields will find them useful.

I will continually update these notes, so feedback us useful and will be incorporated.

  • Before writing: how to define a project
  • General writing tips
  • How to write an Abstract
  • How to write an Introduction
  • How to write a Related Work section
  • How to write a Results section
  • How to write a Methods section
  • How to write a Discussion section
  • How to cite figures, tables, and other papers
  • How to finish a manuscript
  • How to review a manuscript