Publications with Undergraduate Student Authors (Undergrad authors in bold)

  • Jonathan Lu, B Dumitrascu, IC McDowell,  AK Barrera, L Hong, SM Leichter, TE Reddy, & BE Engelhardt (2020). Causal network inference from gene transcriptional time series response to glucocorticoids. PLoS Computational Biology (accepted). [Download PDF]
  • Isabella N Grabski, R De Vito, BE Engelhardt. Bayesian ordinal quantile regression with a partially collapsed Gibbs sampler. (preprint; manuscript in review) [Download PDF]
  • Grace Guan & BE Engelhardt (2019). Predicting sick patient volume in a pediatric outpatient setting using time series analysis. Proceedings of Machine Learning for Health Care (MLHC). [Download PDF]
  • B Dumitrascu*, Karen Feng*, BE Engelhardt (2018). PG-TS: Improved Thompson sampling for logistic contextual bandits. Proceedings of Neural Information Processing Systems. [Download PDF]
  • Ghassen Jerfel, ME Basbug, BE Engelhardt (2017). Dynamic collaborative filtering with compound Poisson factorization. Proceedings of Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS) 54, 738-747. [Download PDF]
  • Vlad Feinberg, L-F Cheng, K Li, & BE Engelhardt. Large linear multi-output Gaussian process learning for time series. (preprint; manuscript in review).[Download PDF]