BEEHIVE commitment to Diversity

We, the members of the Engelhardt Group, object to the systematic, persistent, ubiquitous, and dehumanizing discrimination that affects Black people, women, LGBTQ+ people, LatinX people, people with disabilities, and others.  We see how this discrimination affects people from these groups in academia, in our friendships, in our communities, and in our society, and we are sickened by this. None of us are truly free to pursue our dreams unless all of us feel safe and protected by our government, our institutions, our employers, our colleagues, and our friends and family.

To actively combat current discrimination, we make the following commitments to diversity and inclusion in our group, our research, and our community.

  1. We commit to meeting people where they are, not where we believe they should be.
  2. We commit to understanding and taking into consideration every member’s needs and personal challenges.
  3. We commit to listening and learning about other peoples’ perspectives without judgement.
  4. We commit to respecting privacy.
  5. We commit to taking action thoughtfully, and doing everything in our power to help individuals without doing short term or long term harm. This action may involve inaction, or gathering opinions and researching options, or de-escalation and calming down emotions, or listening and waiting.
  6. We commit to understanding our own explicit and implicit biases.
  7. We commit to allowing ourselves to be called out on our mistakes. We commit to calling out mistakes.
  8. We commit to genuinely making attempts to correct undesirable behavior and apologizing for the negative impact of previous mistakes on others.
  9. We commit to forgiveness and acknowledging personal growth. At the same time, we cannot ignore patterns of behavior.

We are showing our commitment to diversity concretely with the following actions:

  1. We commit to recruiting the most diverse group possible. We acknowledge that this will take time and effort, and that the proportion of accepts will be much lower in the diverse recruits.
  2. We will not blame “the pipeline” for the lack of diversity in our research group. We will instead step up our efforts to recruit diverse members.
  3. We commit to investing time in mentoring students, postdocs, and colleagues, including editing papers and grant applications, writing letters of support and submitting award nominations, giving feedback for practice talks, or being a sounding board during career decisions or processes.
  4. We commit to calling out (or reporting in a safe way) our colleagues when a situation arises in which we identify discriminatory behavior or retaliatory behavior against an ally.
  5. We commit to focusing our personal education on understanding the perspectives of others through reading, discussing, and seeking out opportunities for education.
  6. We commit to quantifying differences between privileged and underrepresented groups found throughout biomedical data in our research pursuits when possible.
  7. We will take opportunities in leadership or organizational roles to include as many underrepresented people as possible as workshop speakers, collaborators, or authors.
  8. We will amplify the voices of underrepresented people in meetings, in research situations, and on social media. We will credit them appropriately.

We see you. We support you. We do this selfishly, because if you do not thrive, we do not thrive.